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About Us As suppliers to some of the largest Security Wholesalers and Trainers in the UK, we are now pleased to be able to offer online Wholesale Accounts, which are available to Locksmith Trainers and Suppliers. This enables Trainers to be able to supply our tools to their students for a substantial profit. The only requirements are that our tools are not sold below the agreed prices and are subject to a minimum spend of £500 plus shipping. In order to set up an Account, simply Register using the form below, and once approved, you will receive a password, which will enable you to log-in and purchase online at the ‘Trade’ Price. Who do we sell to? We only supply our restricted Locksmiths tools, to verifiable Locksmith Trainers and Wholesalers within the security sector. We take the distribution of our Locksmiths tools very seriously. We either know personally, or ‘know-of’ the majority of established Locksmith Trainers and Wholesalers in the UK. However those that we are not aware of, will be be asked for some form of verification that they are genuine Trainers, before Locksmith tools are sold. Originally we started out as working Locksmiths, initially manufacturing tools for our own use, and shortly afterwards for other Locksmiths. Demand and interest rapidly increased, and our tools quickly gained a reputation for getting the job done in new and novel ways that had not been carried out before, becoming firm favourites with many of the Countries top Warrant Locksmiths. We were then approached by major suppliers, who had heard good things about the tools we produce. The rest, as they say, is history, with the legendary ‘SideWinder’, which features its DirectDrive which was designed by Simon in 2010, and protected through the Intellectual Property Office in 2011, and consistently outsells all other letterbox tools attachments. Our ‘Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit’ is now widely acknowledged as being the most advanced available, offering high-end features as standard, with increasing numbers of Locksmith Trainers preferring to teach on our tools.
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